Make a donation!

Our Annual Laurel Move-A-Thon Fundraiser will be held on September 12th. Last year we raised $60,000 in donations and our goal is to raise the same amount this year. Your donations are essential and directly support the continued success of the programs below, which cost the Laurel PTA over $100,000 to fund. Your donations support:

Art and Science Day
Art in Action
Classroom Enrichment
Field Trip Buses

Computer Lab
Literacy Week
Student Programs and Assemblies
Family Events

Teacher Appreciation Week
PMT SuppliesPlayground Supervision
Peacemaker Program

To make a donation for more than one child, please enter the children’s names and the amount you wish to donate for each child in parenthesis in the "Name of Child" box. For example: Joe Smith ($350), Jane Smith ($350). If the amount is not included, we will divide the donation evenly.


Get support from people you know!

Do you know someone who can help?
We can send a donation request to a friend / family member / co-worker for you.